Australia will review the competition of big-four banks | オーストラリア、大手銀行事業内容の正当性を探る調査実施へ

Australia will launch an inquiry to investigate the competition between the big four banks in the country. The Australian government is following up on its promise last year to look into a series of banking scandals and allegations of misconduct in the banking industry.

These include insurance fraud, misleading financial advice and rigging of interest rates.

The big four banks of Australia are Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Westpac Banking Corp, ANZ Banking Group and National Australia Bank. They control 80% of Austrlia’s lending market. The four have also posted record profits for years.

"The high concentration and degree of vertical integration in some parts of the Australian financial system has the potential to limit the benefits of competition...and should be proactively monitored over time," Treasurer Scott Morrison said.

"The Government is committed to ensuring that Australia's financial system is competitive and innovative. That is why I have tasked the Productivity Commission to hold an inquiry into competition in Australia's financial system."

The inquiry, to be carried out by the Productivity Comission, will begin on July 1, with the final report to be presented to the government in 12 months after the inquiry commence.

Chief Executive of Australian Bankers' Association (ABA), Anna Bligh said it welcomed the review.

"The inquiry...will provide us with a thorough, robust and credible assessment of competition in the financial system. It adds to the 15 government or regulatory inquiries underway to make banking better for customers," she added.



というのも、最近、オーストラリア・コモンウェルス銀行(CBA.AX)、ウェストパック銀行(WBC.AX)、オーストラリア・ニュージーランド銀行グループ(ANZ.AX)、およびナショナルオーストラリア銀行(NAB.AX)の4大大手銀行は、 誤った金融アドバイス、保険詐欺、金利の不正操作などを行なったとして、避難を浴びています。







澳大利亚的四大银行 - 澳大利亚联邦银行,西太平洋银行,澳新银行和澳大利亚国民银行 – 由于涉嫌保险欺诈、利率操控等一系列丑闻而遭到公众指责。