Increased of Asian investment to Britain due to weaker British pound | 英镑走低,吸引大批亚洲资本投资英国

According to investment management company JLL, the recent surge of investment from Asia and Middle East in Britain is due to weaker British pound.

The value of UK commercial real estate has decreased by 16% due to weaker pound, as well as a slight decreased in capital values. Buyers from Hong Kong and mainland China represent the majority of new property investors in UK.

"We continue to see the emergence of Chinese capital globally. Chinese investors now rank just behind US as the second largest source of global cross border capital and we expect them to have an increasing influence on the UK market," says Alistair Meadows, Head of UK Capital Markets at JLL. "Many investors from China and the wider Asia Pacific region are attracted to the depth, liquidity and familiarity of the UK market and come seeking diversification and safe haven forms of investment."

"Private investors have responded to the depreciation quickly and, as a result, they have become a more important driver of market sentiment and pricing. Despite the triggering of Article 50, as 2017 progresses we expect global funds and institutions to return their focus to the UK, in response to relatively attractive pricing and expected resilience among corporate occupiers. Speaking to our institutional clients in this region, many of them are actively looking for opportunities in London." says Stuart Crow, Head of Asia Pacific Capital Markets.

Analysts from JLL predicts that investors from mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore will likely enjoy a total returns of 5-10% in London office properties.

Oversea investors from Asia Pacific is rising from 17% to 28%. Number of investments from Americas in UK have reduced from 32% to 17%.






Oxford Economicsの通貨に関する予測と、JLLのそれに基づくと、中国からの国境を越えた購入者は、今年、ロンドンのオフィス関連不動産から合計5〜10%の収益を享受する可能性が予想されます。シンガポールと香港の投資家も、高い確率で、同様の利回りを得ることになるでしょう。