UK's housing value surpasses £6tn | 英国の住宅価値、好調な成長を記録

For the first time, the total value of UK homes in the U.K. has surpassed the £6tn mark, according to Halifax's research.

The research reveals that London and south-east of UK has the highest concentration of property wealth and highest increase of property value since the financial crash of 2007-08. In 2007, UK's property value was estimated at a total of £4,077bn, but the figure has risen to £6,015bn in 2017.

According to the study, the value of housing in the north-east of UK has only risen £22bn since 2007, from £114bn in 2007 to £136bn in 2017. Housing value in London, however, has jumped from £718bn in 2007 to £1,338bn today, an increase of £620bn. Over the same period, property value in Northern Ireland has fallen.

The south of UK contains 68% of private property wealth of UK.

Russell Galley, managing director at Halifax, said: "The value of housing stock has grown by close to £2tn in the past decade, and with the equity rich regions of London and the south-east largely responsible, it highlights a considerable regional imbalance in the distribution of housing wealth."

"Within the capital there is also a mix of fortunes. While more than a fifth of total property wealth is in London, lower levels of owner-occupation reflect a major barrier to the property ladder with a far greater number of people renting where house prices are at their highest", he said.

How housing stock values have changed (2007-2017) -
North-east: £114bn to £136bn
North-west: £355bn to £469bn
Yorkshire and the Humber: £262bn to £341bn
East Midlands: £244bn to £327bn
West Midlands: £294bn to £361bn
East: £421bn to £688bn
London: £718bn to £1,270bn
South-east: £732bn to £1,089bn
South-west: £401bn to £554bn
Scotland: £257bn to £349bn
Wales: £161bn to £183bn
Northern Ireland: £121bn to £92bn
UK as a whole: £4,077bn to £6015bn

Source: Halifax



現在の状況に6兆ポンドの数字を当てはめると、英国の国家債務(現在1.8ポンド強)の約4倍であり、2016年のの国民総生産額(約2兆ポンド)の3倍。しかし、英国のすべての住宅が売却されたとしても、発生したお金は、米国の国家債務の半分以下を返済するだけの額と考えることもできます。英国の住宅株式価値の大幅な上昇は、主に南部で発生しています。 2007年の北東部の住宅価格は1,140億ポンドと推定されていましたが、今日では1,360億ポンドで、220億ポンドの増加です。しかし、ロンドンでは、住宅価格は2007年の7,180億ポンドから今日では1兆3,380億ポンドに上昇し、6,200億ポンドの利益を上げています。一方で北アイルランドの資産価値は実際に下がりを見せました。英国の個人所有の住宅株式価値も2,150万から2,340万に増加しました。