Five Best Countries in Asia for Foreign Investors | 現代社会の傾向から見る、アジアの今“熱い”投資先

According to Forbes, the five Asian countries that have the highest investment opportunities for foreign investors are Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

Foreign investment in Malaysia increased by 64% in 2016 as compared to 2015. This reflects the confidence of foreign investors in Malaysia. Malaysia offers tax breaks on capital expenditures for R&D and duty-free imports by high-tech firms. Not just these, Malaysia government offers a 10-year tax-break of up to 70% for companies in tourism, technical training and manufacturing.

The city-state Singapore attracts a lot of foreign investments too, especially in the financial sector. The strict rules and punishments against corruption means that investors do not have to jump through hoops to start investing. As the global hub for commerce, finance and transport, Singapore also does not restrict repatriation of earnings.

Vietnam has one the highest growth in Asia, which proves attractive for many foreign companies. This is in addition to its cheap land prices and low minimum wages. Among the current investors with factory in Vietnam are For Motor, Intel and Samsung Electronics.

Indonesia, being the world’s fourth largest country, with its 257.6 million population, has also attracted many foreign investments. Investors are attracted to Indonesia’s mining and energy, plantations and financial sectors. Low labor costs and reduction of red tape has attracted many new foreign investments.

India’s young population and low wages has gained a lot of attention from foreign investors. Foreign firms have been growing at a rate of 7% per year. Most of the foreign capitals go to automotive production, telecoms and bio-manufacturing. In 2015-16, India recorded the highest ever direct inbound investment of $55.5 billion.






 1. 马来西亚


 2. 新加坡


3. 越南


4. 印尼


5. 印度