Booming profits, less optimism in Britain financial sector | 悲観論が見え隠れするも、金融部門の好景気はとどまらず

Despite lower optimism about the continuing uncertainty of Brexit, Britain's financial sector has recorded booming profits and increasing employment last quarter. This is according to a new CBI/PwC survey done on 94 financial service firms in the country. This survey found that from April to June 2017, majority of the firms reported increasing business volumes, profits and hiring. However, many banks and life insurers remained less optimistic about the future of the financial sector.

"Currently the financial services sector is performing well in both business volume terms and underlying profitability," said Andrew Kail, PwC’s head of financial services. "However, another quarter of falling optimism points to an industry harbouring concerns about the future."

"The UK will continue to be a leading financial centre, but political uncertainty and the ongoing wait for an agreed Brexit blueprint are fuelling more questions about companies’ futures and the performance of the wider economy."

41% of the firms surveyed reported an increase in business profits, 47% reported an increase in business volumes, and only 6% of the firms reported a decrease in profits. The survey also found that 46% of the firms increased their hiring, as compared with 17% that had reduced staff.

When asked about the future outlook, 25% of the firms said they were pessimistic. Only 15% of the firms predicted a brighter future.

Fearing the uncertainty of Brexit, some firms have started their plans to move operations to other European cities. EY said that the popular cities are Dublin, Frankfurt and Luxembourg.

"Financial services companies are looking to make sure they can continue to conduct business across the EU, whilst retaining a strong base in London, and they are now starting to select potential European locations," said Omar Ali, EY’s UK financial services leader.


最新の世論調査によると、前四半期、英国の巨大な金融サービス部門は、堅調な利益と雇用の上昇を享受​​。最新94社についてのCBI / PwCの金融サービス調査によると、6月末までの3カ月間に業務量、利益、雇用が増加したとの報告が多数となっています。しかし同時に、銀行や生命保険会社は、決して楽観的ではなく、すぐに運命が変わる可能性を危惧。なお、セクター全体が悲観的になっている一方で、保険ブローカー、投資マネージャー、その他の金融機関は、彼らの見通しについてより積極的であると答えました。さらに、PwCの金融サービス部門責任者、アンドリュー・カイル氏は、現在、金融サービス部門は、業務量と基本的な収益性の両方において良好なパフォーマンスを示しているものの、未来への不安材料は残る、という旨を発言。




CBI /普华永道对94家公司进行的最新金融服务调查发现,多数报告显示,截至6月底的三个月中,业务量,利润和雇佣人数都有所增长。