Investor confidence for Eurozone highest in a decade | ユーロ圏投資家の楽観主義は、10年ぶりの高水準

Confidence of eurozone investors has reached its highest in a decade. According to a survey done by Sentix, a research group in Frankfurt, sentiment has risen to its highest for sixth straight month.

Sentix uses the eurozone index, which measures current and future conditions. The index went from 27.4 in May to 28.4 points in June, exceeding analysts’ expectations. A total of 953 investors were surveyed, with Germany investors the most optimistic.

Manfred Huebner, managing director at Sentix, said: "The situation in the Eurozone is getting better and better. For the sixth time in a row. Expectations remain positive."

"The US economy is therefore cooling off, even if the all-time highs on the stock market convey differently," said Mr Huebner.

Data from Sentix has also shown a 0.1% rise in eurozone’s retail sales between March and April, led by sales of food and drink. Annual retails sales increased at 2.5% pace.

Graham Secker, chief European equity strategist at Morgan Stanley, said the bank had tempered its bullish earnings forecasts.

He said: "With a stronger euro and a weaker oil price, we no longer feel like there's an upside to consensus numbers. If anything you could even start to talk about a slight downward risk to earnings over the next one to two quarters."



SentixのManfred Huebner(マネージング・ディレクター)は、「ユーロ圏の状況はますます良くなっており、6回連続して期待を裏付けている」と述べました。対照的に、Sentixは米国に対する感情は「冷静」であり、2016年3月以来初めてマイナスに転じたと述べています。「株式市場の過去最高値が異なっていても、米国経済は冷たくなっている」とヒューベナー氏。これは、ユーロ圏の個別データが4月に小売売上高が漸増し、4ヶ月連続で上昇したことを示しています。ユーロスタットによれば、3月から4月にかけて売上高は0.1%増となりました。






Sentix的Manfred Huebner说:“欧元区的情况越来越好,预期连续第六次保持为正面。”相比之下,投资者对美国的热情却在“冷却”,预计自2016年3月以来首次呈负值。

虽然经济学家认为,一系列强有力的调查数据表明欧元区正在走强,摩根士丹利的Graham Secker却表示,银行已经调低了其盈利预测。