EU's car regulator warns against diesel car ban | ディーゼル車規制が、環境への投資を阻害か

The move to ban diesel cars in European cities may impact carmakers' ability to invest and produce zero-emission cars for the future, according to European Union's commissioner for auto industry.

In a letter to EU transport ministers, Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska said that the complete banning of diesel cars will provide no benefit to the industry. Instead, she suggests that the carmaker industry should focus on reducing dangerous nitrogen oxide emissions to be in line with EU regulations.

"While I am convinced that we should rapidly head for zero-emission vehicles in Europe, policymakers and industry cannot have an interest in a rapid collapse of the diesel market in Europe as a result of local driving bans," Bienkowska said.

"It would only deprive the industry of necessary funds to invest in zero-emissions vehicles," she said in the letter.

She proposed that all cars with high emission of nitrogen oxide should be taken off the roads, on a voluntary basis by the carmakers.

While Germany's carmakers have invested heavily on diesel technology to allow more efficient fuel burn and lesser CO2 emissions, the recent admission by Volkswagen to cheating on U.S. emission tests has casted huge doubt on all the efforts by the auto industry.

Experts expressed concerns that the commissioner seems to be bowing to carmakers' pressures and demands.

"Her letter contained some important statements that we believe show the industry's lobbyists have scored a big win," Bernstein analyst Max Warburton said in a report.

"They have likely argued that castigating or banning diesel would harm the industry's earnings and employees, harm efforts to reduce carbon dioxide and harm owners of current vehicles."


欧州連合(EU)の欧州委員会委員長は、欧州の都市でディーゼル車を禁止することは、自動車メーカーのゼロエミッション(有害ガス排出ゼロ)車への投資能力を阻害する危険へと繋がりかねないと指摘。ロイター通信報道による書簡で、欧州委員会エルツビエタ・ビエンコウスカ委員長は、ディーゼル車市場の崩壊には何のメリットもない旨を強調。「ヨーロッパ全体はゼロエミッション車へと急速に向かうべきだという確信はあるものの、政策立案者や業界は、地域レベルでの規制の結果、ディーゼル市場の急速な崩壊からいかなる利益をも得ることができない」と同氏がコメントしています 。




在路透社看到的一封信中,欧盟官员Elzbieta Bienkowska表示,柴油车市场崩溃并不会带来任何好处,而且短期的焦点应该是迫使汽车制造商将危险的氮氧化物排放降至符合欧盟的规定。