Softbank Alibaba Plan to Invest in Indian E-Retailer Paytm ECommerce | ソフトバンク、Alibabaが、インドのPaytm E-Commerceに4億4,500万ドルを投資

An investment of $400 million has been set aside by Softbank Group to invest in Indian Paytm E-Commerce. According to a regulatory public record, this is a way of making funds go round to make online retail rise as high as $1.9 billion. Alibaba, a company which has been a major Paytm E-Commerce investor has released up to $45 million, also, for the proposed investment in the Asian country. As a principal investor in India thriving e-commerce sector and a stakeholder in Paytm parent, Softbank, on the other hand, has affirmed its interest and planned action to invest in Paytm Mall. Paytm Mall is the brand name used by Paytm E-Commerce in the conduct of all its online transactions.

According to a press briefing made by a Softbank representative, the company has a firm belief that with the combination of Paytm Mall online-offline operating model and the ecological community, there is the high possibility that the company is in a good place to start an e-commerce boom among the 15 million Indian offline retail shops. Amit Sinha, Paytm chief operating officer, in a different press interview, revealed that there would be no room for mismanagement. The company will make good use of the proposed investment to boost its current technology and build logistics that will outsmart anything it had experienced in the history of the company.

In a public record of the Registrar of Companies in India, a total of 21.1 percent will go to Softbank as a stakeholder in Paytm E-Commerce from the overall profits of the proposed investment, which is planned to come in four parts. Similarly, the Singapore E-Commerce branch of with its current 36.3 percent investment in the Indian e-retailer still retains its place as the company with the largest share in Paytm E-Commerce. However, with the latest investment, Alibaba will have a smaller stake of 30 percent which will also come in four parts after when the investment is completed.

With competition going on in different sectors, it is no news to see more competition in e-commerce. India is no exception. The country’s branch of Amazon and Indian native company Flipkart, are the main competitors of Paytm E-Commerce. One97, a Paytm’s parent group of company, manages the biggest digital wallet services in India and it also has a stake in payments bank.

ソフトバンク、Alibabaが、インドのPaytm E-Commerceに4億4,500万ドルを投資

ソフトバンクグループは、資金調達ラウンドにて、インドのPaytm E-Commerceに4億ドルを投資しており、これにより、かのオンライン小売業の評価は約9億ドルになるとのこと。一方で、Paytm E-Commerceの既存の投資家であるAlibabaは、同ラウンドで4,500万ドル投資しています。インドの急速に成長する電子商取引分野の主要投資家であり、すでにPaytmの親会社の株式を所有するSoftBankは、Paytm E-Commerceオンラインマーケットプレイスを運営する事業体であるPaytm Mallへの投資を認めました。「Paytmエコシステムの強みと相まって、Paytm Mallのオフラインからオンラインへの運営モデルは、インドの15億のオフライン小売店舗を同国電子商取引ブームに参加させることのできる独特な立場にある」とソフトバンクは月曜日に発表。

また別の声明で、Paytm Mallの最高執行責任者、Amit Sinha氏は、SoftBankとAlibabaからの今回の投資を活用し、その技術を強化することで、優れた物流の構築へとつなげる旨を述べています。インドのRegistrar of Companiesの書類からは、投資後にソフトバンクはPaytm E-Commerceの株式の21.1%を取得することが明らかに。インド電子商取引の36.3%を保有するAlibaba.Com Singapore E-Commerceは、Paytm電子商取引の単一の最大株主であり続けるものの、最新の投資の完了後には30%強という比較的低めの数字に落ち着く模様です。

软银和阿里巴巴将向印度电子商务公司Paytm 投资4.45亿美元




阿里巴巴目前拥有Paytm 36.3%的股份,其将仍然是Paytm的第一大股东,但在这一轮融资后,其占股份额将缩减至30%出头。