Qatar promises £5bn UK investment | カタール、50億ポンドの英国への投資を発表

Qatar has promised to invest £5bn in UK’s transport, property and digital technology, as announced by Qatar’s finance minister, Ali Shareef al Emadi. As one of the largest investors in UK, he said that regardless of what happens after Brexit, Qatar is still optimistic of UK’s economy.

Before this investment, Qatar has already invested £40b in the UK. Harrods is fully owned by Qatar Holding. It also owns 95% of Shard in London. Other stakes by Qatar include Canary Wharf, Milford Haven and London’s Olympic Village.

"Currently the UK is our first investment destination and it is the largest investment destination for Qatari investors, both public and private," Ali Shareef al Emadi, the country's finance minister, told the BBC.

Mr Al Emadi will be joining International Trade Secretary Liam Fox in Birmingham where there will be showcase by UK firms in sport, cyber-security and healthcare. Mr Al Emadi also did no rule out the possibility of investing in UK infrastructure projects such as the new high speed rail link between London, Birmingham and Manchester - HS2.

"We will look at those deals; we will look at electricity, roads, bridges, railways," he said.

Qatar also believes in long term investment in UK, instead of looking at any short-term cycles, such as Brexit or the financial crisis years.

"If you look at what we have done here, it has always been a win-win situation, whatever investment we do in the UK," he said.




カタールはすでに英国に400億ポンドを投資しています。ハロッズの所有とロンドンのシャードの株式の95%を所有する状況はそのような傾向を示すいい例です。多くのエコノミストは、EUを離れることで英国最大の市場との貿易が損なわれ、その結果損害が増加すると主張するものの、英国の資産は海外投資家にとってより魅力的なものになっているようです。「あらゆる市場、特に英国での投資を見ると、それは非常に長期的な投資であり、我々はどのような細かなサイクルも気にしていない。イギリスのEU離脱について話しているなら、金融危機の頃に立ち返って考えてみればいいのです」という、カタールの金融大臣アリ・シャリーフ・ エマディ氏の言葉は、イギリスに対するカタールの投資方針を端的にまとめる役割を果たしているでしょう。


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